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Service-Driven Leader for Stafford County Families

As a 30+ year resident of Stafford County, Leonard Lacey knows firsthand what’s important to all Virginians. Find out what his roles as husband (now widow), father, grandfather, Virginia State Trooper and pastor have taught him.

On the Issues

In his campaign to be the next Delegate from the 64th district, Leonard Lacey has prioritized bringing people together to move our Commonwealth forward for all Virginians.


Dr. Leonard Lacey strongly believes in education and has earned various degrees from colleges and universities within Virginia. Dr. Lacey is concerned about teacher shortages and the lack of funding for schools. He strongly believes in public education and will advocate for more funding for schools and better pay for teachers. Leonard resolves that wisdom, knowledge, and understanding are critical for the health, safety, and wellbeing of any society.


Recognizing that division exists around the country, within the state and our communities, and between police and people, Leonard Lacey will champion investments that will rebuild trust in our systems and protections for vulnerable citizens. His experience as a police officer and pastor have convinced him that the response to division requires building relationships between police and the people they serve to protect, as well as access to training and increasing cultural awareness.


Pastor Lacey respects every person in our community and state. By striving to be impartial and cautious in his judgments, Leonard believes that fairness, equality, and equity should apply to every citizen. Recognizing that policy decisions have far-reaching impacts and consequences, Leonard will champion consideration of every individual’s needs when making choices about the programs, policies, and investments that are made in Virginia.


Leonard Lacey is inspired by the magnitude of what can be accomplished in our communities when our citizens join together, share their perspectives, and make their voices heard. Believing that division creates mistrust, breeds hate, and leads to destruction, Leonard will serve with compassion and a focus on building relationships and trust. He is committed to using his voice to ensure engagement from all communities and building harmony across different perspectives and desires.


Leonard Lacey believes that health and wellness are human rights that are not currently being experienced by everyone. All Virginians should have access to quality heathcare that they can afford. As an advocate for high quality, equitable, and affordable healthcare, Leonard believes that we can impact the health disparities that exist in Virginia today.

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